training data with ChatNode is very easy

The Power of ChatNode's No-code Training Data for AI Bot Traffic

Behind every exceptional website bot is quality training data. For AI-powered chatbots like ChatNode™ that handle intricate conversations, massive datasets are required to accurately address customer questions and needs. That's why ChatNode leverages an ever-expanding training database unmatched in size and diversity.

ChatNode™ taps into over one billion conversation examples to power advanced natural language processing. The enormous volume of real-world conversations between customers and human agents covers every industry and area of inquiry.

the sitemap is important if you have a large website

Having said that, it will still be required that you train from a knowledge base some specific data about your website. It is the ability to answer questions and get the links correct that makes ChatNode™ succeed as a premium choice.

The sum total of training with the site map upload and text input training is referred to as the "Knowledge Base".

Key Features That You Can Customize

  • Accepts sitemap or URL of website.
  • Customize every aspect of your bot.
  • All aspects of ChatNode™ are online.
  • Train data to get the links and answers correct.
  • Can communicate with support with email, saving time.
  • Integrations: Crisp, Slack and WhatsApp (coming soon).

Sitemap: Advanced Features Boost Customer Experience (and SEO)

A sitemap is a very useful addition to your website and can definitely increase your website internet traffic. When you are ready to release your website, be sure to put a line in your "robots.txt" file as to where it is located. Search engine crawlers will then gather information about your web.

We put ours in a directory called "schema", so the robots file should contain this line that points to the file, so that search engines can crawl your website. Here is an example of ours:


It should be a single line entry, pointing to the location. Please note that the symbol "#" at the head of a line (in both sitemap.xml and robots) denotes a comment, so it is not executed.

Training Your Data With Specific Questions About Your Business

The sequence that we followed proved to answer questions well, particularly the link part. We had a lot of trouble getting the links correct, until we tried ChatNode™ - it was the first bot that rendered the links correctly. Since then, we have really enjoyed its accuracy; here is the sequence we followed:

  • First, we uploaded a sitemap (sitemap.xml) as a way to train to train the data. We chose this approach because, after over 10 years of being in business, we had a pretty big website (over 400 pages), with some pages containing items that we no longer sell. This allowed us to focus on some of the new page loads of current products. Not every chatbot system allows you to upload a sitemap, but ChatNode™ does (this was the first thing that impressed us).
  • Then we found that the text input was a good way of getting more specific question answered, and in particular, getting the links correct. The ChatNode™ bot is good at answering very specific questions, after training with the text input.

a list of the training we have done so far on specific questions

Here is an actual example of how we trained the first item on our list (by pressing the pencil icon):

this is an example of how we trained data with text input

Please note that it works best when it is a single line of text, without any periods, except at the end (html is ok).

In addition to using vast existing datasets, ChatNode™ also continues growing its knowledge through active learning. As ChatNode handles new queries from real website visitors, unfamiliar questions are flagged for human review in the "History" section. You can then train your data to answer specific questions about your business data.

For instance, we put one of the most commonly asked questions directly as a question on the website, in the ChatNode™ pop-up system: "Do you sell awning window motors?"

This perpetual learning through real conversations is what makes ChatNode™ stand out from chatbots dependent only on static training data. ChatNode™ literally gets smarter and more capable every single day.

The breadth, depth and continual expansion of ChatNode's training data gives it unmatched conversational ability. Whether website visitors have basic or highly advanced questions across any topic, ChatNode™ can engage like a knowledgeable human expert. That intelligence is what makes ChatNode™ a truly differentiated chatbot delivering superior customer experiences and business value.

Automate Bot Management With ChatNode™ - Browser Based

ChatNode™ is also an online system. This means that all the information required to create a chatbot is handled online - you do not need anything else, but we also highly recommend NeuronWriter (another online program).

Frequently Asked Questions About the Chatbot Platform

Please see this previous page for FAQ. We have put the FAQ on this page because it is the final page of the "settings".

Increase AI ChatBot Traffic Messages: Google Analytics Boosts Website Traffic

Increase traffic to your website with Google Analytics and NeuronWriter. NeuronWriter is an excellent program to boost traffic; we use it on every page in our website. It handles all aspects of your SEO because it is an online tool.

Contact Us About ChatNode™

We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time! You can also contact ChatNode™™ directly (opens in a new tab).

This article is about tackling your TRAINING DATA (You are here). The next article is about examining your HISTORY OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. If you need to configure your website chat bot, please follow our guide; we think you may agree with us that ChatNode™ is a superior bot management solution.