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Our Philosophy

A. Biffen, Senior PartnerCustomer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we run our business by the Golden Rule: you are treated with the same service that we would like for ourselves. You'll get a fast, comprehensive response, and you won't get a different sales rep every time you contact us.

History™ was born out of our development company that was created in the 1980's. Home Automation has always been a principal interest, and now we feel the tools have arrived that remove the drudgery. The exciting new AI tools available to us today make the job of integrating website chatbots easier than it ever has been.


We communicate by email and use a powerful in-house database system we have developed that immediately displays the previous conversation we've had with you, so you never have to explain things twice.


We are a group of programmers, engineers, and gadget geeks dedicated to bringing high quality, precision engineered automation products into everyday lives. We have been developing and using these systems ourselves for over 30 years.

Our mission is to de-mystify the underlying technology and help you to enjoy the benefits of an automated life style.

We fully support the international effort to create 'green' products and reduce fossil fuel dependency.

Contact Us About ChatNode™

We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time! You can also contact ChatNode™ directly (opens in a new browser tab).

Adrian Biffen
Senior Partner