capture name, email, phone from client

Section 1-Settings: Get User Information From Prospective Customer

The key to driving high-value actionable leads is capturing name, phone number and email from promising potential customers. That’s why ChatNode’s advanced design features lead identification capabilities, collecting key contact information during website conversations:

get name, email, phone from possible client

Companies always aim to capture names, emails, and phone numbers from sales prospects chatting with their website AI assistants. Building lead lists kicks off money-making sales conversations, and if the client has already visited your website, there is no better way to build a list of contacts.

Responsible chatbots like to earn contact sharing through helpfulness alone. Secure systems provide visitors with information control while unlocking personal assistance.

Get Information from Bot Traffic with a No-code Customer Experience

You can solicit name, email, and phone from your potential customers. If the client fills in these fields, that could be a tip-off that they are close to buying your products.

However, we decided to not capture visitor information, in keeping with our conservative position. We have a contact form for email, if a customer needs to ask a question, and an existing chatbot that can answer questions.

ChatBot Uses AI Advanced Features to Automate Links

There are a number of advanced features that the ChatNode™ uses, particularly in getting the links correct.

When chatbots give website suggestions, every link must lead accurately because one wrong click that results in a "page not found" can frustrate users. You will want to check your links and make sure you are not getting the links wrong.

We were very pleased to find that ChatNode™ is very good at getting the URL correct, using the TEXT training. We were surprised at how many bots we tested were getting the links wrong.

Google Analytics Boosts Website Traffic with SEO

Google Analytics will increase visitors to your site, and NeuronWriter will increase your page SEO with a search engine crawl. It is important for general SEO, so it is always a good idea to do this optimization.

We have found that NeuronWriter is a very good program for SEO, possibly the best.

Links Are Correct: Crawl Promotes Internet Traffic

By training it with the TEXT files, we found that it gets the links right. This is a very important aspect of ChatNode™ that should not be overlooked, because many chatbots that we tested failed in this area.

We consider this to be most important because if it gets the links wrong, it can do a lot of damage to your website.

Attached Website Bot

Please note that we have attached a bot to this website ChatNode icon that pops up chat dialog, but it still uses the website at™ as the source. Please remember this as you test it.

Contact Us With a Message About ChatNode™

We sincerely hope you enjoy our server and some advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time! You can also contact ChatNode™ directly (opens in a new browser tab).

A Complete Bot Management Solution

ChatNode™ is all that you need to create a full time customer service robot. We cannot emphasize it enough that it gets the links correct!

This article in the "settings" series is about collecting USER INFO (You are here). The next article in the "settings" series is about getting your CUSTOMIZATION established.